Example 1

Consider a city is contemplating major technology investments to address some immediate issues and to modernize its infrastructure to be more attractive to its citizens.

Some immediate issues:

  • Power generation infrastructure not keeping up with fluctuating peak power needs

  • Short of parking in downtown areas creating traffic jams by cars looking for available spaces


Some longer term goals:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs

  • To be an early Smart City adopter

We can help you:

Prioritize goals and objectives

  • Weigh between expanding power generation capacity vs. smartly reducing consumption to release pressure on the power generation infrastructure

  • Balance between special smart parking for downtown traffic relief vs. smart parking for the entire city

  • Consider implications for city expansions over the next 30 years

Design and select solutions and new technologies

  • Evaluate power generation expansion technology options and environmental implications

  • Identify and design programs to reduce citizen’s power consumptions such as conversion to LED lightings, connecting smart HVAC and home appliance controls to the city’s power generation control system

  • Explore smart parking meters, smart parking lots and parking-space-homing mobile apps

Integrate solutions with existing infrastructure

  • Identify enhancements needed to regulate the power generation infrastructure with near real-time citizen power consumption input

  • Consider integration of parking charges with toll charges automated billing

Mobilize city staff and citizens to Implement solution

  • Develop education programs on smart city for staff, business communities, and citizens

  • Encourage participation of staff throughout the project

  • Design strategic citizen involvement points to solicit inputs, develop supports, and speed up adoption