Building world-class Information Networks that complement the Internet Of Things (IoT)

Building Information Networks with IoT to Boost business values and opportunities

InfoNet of Things is a team of seasoned expert consultants specialized in building information networks with IoT to optimize business operations to boost new business values and opportunities.

Startup Development Team

Why Partner with InfoNet of Things?

With InfoNet of Things, you are working with subject matter experts not only in IoT but in information networks, business operations, and change management.
We do not sell any particular products and systems. We seek the best solutions that serve your specific needs.

Customer Service

A Few Things All Great IoT Consultants Should Know and We Are Particularly Good at:

  •   Architecture and Strategy

  •   Agile design and management

  •   Big Data analytics

  •   Business process transformation

  •   Cloud computing

  •   Enterprise Networks

  •   Fog computing

  •   Information management

  •   IoT edge networks and protocols

  •   Mobile Networks

  •   Security and privacy management

  •   Systems and organizations change management

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